Frank's instrumental\orchestral\'arranged' music has always been my preferred Zappa listening. With that in mind I really
like "Lather", Hot Rats\Waka Jawaka (a separate and distinct title from "Hot Rats") and "The Yellow Shark". "Jazz From Hell" is purty cool too. With "Lather" I just program out the vocal tracks when I'm not in the mood for them.
Try it, you'll love it, it's a way of life...
Mr. Skull


I'm a relative newbie to Frank Zappa music. To begin I bought a "best of album" to get a
sampling (with over 70+ albums to chose from and such a wide variety it is hard to

The first song on the album - "Peaches En Regalia" hit me right up front and I would like to
ask which other songs/albums offer similar styles of compositions. The vocal stuff doesn't
do much for me at this stage, but I'm really hungry for the "peaches" style compositions.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.



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