I'm afraid I was responsible for that miss labeling. The MTV version is of
course the MTV version and when I originally got it well it was said to be
from the late show. It might be only from the late show I don't really know
for sure but it was a live broadcast I think so probably was. TTNS turned
out to be a mixture of both late and early. After close examination be
several who had audio versions that were for sure split as early and late
this is how the mix on TTNS brakes down.

* early show
# late show

01. Black Napkins #
02. Montana #
03. Easy Meat #
04. Beauty Knows No Pain #
05. I'm A Beautiful Guy #
06. Charlie's Enormous Mouth #
07. Fine Girl #
08. Teenage Wind #
09. Harder Than Your Husband #
10. Bamboozled By Love #
11. We're Turning Again *
12. Alien Orifice *
13. Flakes *
14. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes *
15. You Are What You Is *
16. Mudd Club *
17. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing *
18. Dumb All Over *
19. Heavenly Bank Account *
20. Suicide Chump *
21. Jumbo Go Away *
22. Stevie's Spanking #
23. The Torture Never Stops #
24. Strictly Genteel #
25. The Illinois Enema Bandit #

Jim L
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Howdy Folks,
Do you remember when some time ago video shows (in VCD format) were vined in
here? It had two cd discs called The Torture Never Stops named as the Early
Show....and the other two discs were MTV which was the Late show.
My dillema is that in Fact The Torture NS. despite of its subtitle (Early
Show) is mostly from the late show....or am I wrong?.
If I'm right here goes my questium...does the early show exist in video
format? and does anybody have the proper early show on video cd, and would
be willing to share?


PS: here are the details of both shows:

The music played (according to Jon Naurin's FZShows):
Early show:

You Are What You Is 
Mudd Club 
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 
Dumb All Over 
Heavenly Bank Account (YCDTOSA Vol. 1) 
Suicide Chump (YCDTOSA Vol. 1) 
Jumbo Go Away (YCDTOSA Vol. 1) 
Drowning Witch 
What's New In Baltimore? 
We're Turning Again 
Alien Orifice (part on YCDTOSA Vol. 6) 
Teen-age Prostitute 
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes 
The Blue Light 
Tinsel Town Rebellion 
Yo' Mama 
Bobby Brown 
City Of Tiny Lites 
Strictly Genteel 
Dancin' Fool 
Whippin' Post (Allman)

Late show:

Black Napkins (BTB I: As An Am) 
Easy Meat 
Society Pages (YCDTOSA Vol. 3) 
I'm A Beautiful Guy (YCDTOSA Vol. 3) 
Beauty Knows No Pain (YCDTOSA Vol. 3) 
Charlie's Enormous Mouth (YCDTOSA Vol. 3) 
Fine Girl 
Teen-age Wind 
Harder Than Your Husband 
Bamboozled By Love 
Sinister Footwear II 
Stevie's Spanking 
Cocaine Decisions 
Nig Biz 
Goblin Girl 
Black Page #2 (BTB I: As An Am) 
Tryin' To Grow A Chin 
Strictly Genteel (YCDTOSA Vol. 6) 
The Torture Never Stops (BTB I: As An Am) 
Joe's Garage 
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 
The Illinois Enema Bandit 
King Kong 
Auld Lang Syne (Burns)

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For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or 
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