Fellow Zappa fans please conceder this before lunching this vine. While I fully understand everyone’s wish to share these fine works we are crossing a line here. These are not bootleg recordings but official releases and there not even that old. The fact that they were released on DVD Audio instead of CD Audio doesn’t mean that we can avoid getting in trouble for having a vine of them. Might I suggest that everyone interested contact each other off list with this one? It’s a line I don’t want to cross myself and this email list is in the public domain. On the other hand if someone already owns the DVD then in my mind supplying a CD version should be alright. I’m not so sure that the ZTF or the RIAA see it that way even if they should however.


Jim L

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In light of the post earlier I have already converted both the Zappa DVD A's to audio CD back when they were 1st released so since this has come up I offer them up now for anybody that wishes.


Get Rhythm is already 1st on the list.


Kevin AKA - BHJ

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