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Just been reading the latest edition of the UK music/movies magazine Uncut
which this month has a retrospective article on Led Zep 4.

It got me thinking as to why Frank decided to cover STH on the 88 tour ?
I don't think I've ever seen an explanation of this........was it to show
how clever he could be in transposing the guitar solo to the horn
section,did he just like the song or is there another reason ?

IIRC, FZ claimed to have never heard the song (or at least claimed that he wasn't terribly familiar with it), but knew it as a "rock classic".. I think the idea to have the horn section do the guitar solo (Mike Keneally plays the guitar solo on guitar as well, mind you) on the spot in rehearsals when MK played the solo and one of the horn players (either Carman or McGettrick) also knew the solo and played along with him.. I don't imagine he put a lot of thought into how "clever" that would be, he probably just thought it would be more interesting than a regular old guitar solo. As for the WHY of ultimately deciding to play it (and release it on album), I'm not really sure.

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