If memory serves, Conehead, the disks are all from the 81 rehearsals. I can't really tell you much more than that. See http://home.swipnet.se/fzshows/8182.html for more info.
When I told MF there was interest in the one listed at TBN, he couldn't remember which was which, so he sent all that he had...
That's why so many disks.
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Thanks John K !!

Again, just wondering:

I'd figure this August 1981 rehearsal, posted earlier on TBN, would
easily fit onto one disc, not four of them ...
So, what about the other three?
('What d'you mean the other three?')

Material from 'Member Contributions' and 'Covers, Tributes, Sidemen'
posted at TBN that same month ? Or more 1981 FZ rehearsals ??

Anyone with more info ?? Thanks again.

Kind regards,


--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED]ups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED].. wrote:
> I don't have the exact track listing of the four discs, but here is
what the
> discs are all about:
> _http://www.thebignote.com/archived/bald_headed_johns_vault.php_
> (http://www.thebignote.com/archived/bald_headed_johns_vault.php)
> Don't bother with the mp3s on the page - No workie!
> John K
> Bald Headed John's Vault
> Curator: Magic Fingers
> Desk Jockies: SOFA, The Grand Wazoo, TBN
> Rare Gems From August '81
> This month we present a rare gem from deep within the Magic Fingers'
> concert collection. Back in August 1981, during early rehearsals
for the 1981
> tour, Frank put the band through a number of songs that in the end
> actually featured during that tour. You thought Any Kind of Pain
was a song from
> 1988? Check out these proto-versions, one with different lyrics
from the
> version we would become familiar with. How about We Are Not Alone
with vocals?
> Or Portuguese Lunar landing, originally premiered on the 1975 tour
but rarely
> played even then. A 1981 version of Kaiser Rolls? Even We're
Turning Again
> with extra Hendrix verses. It's all here, plus some 1981
standards. Put
> your feet up, sit back and enjoy the 1981 band earning a crust.
> 1. _Any Kind Of Pain_
> 2. _Nig Biz_
> 3. _Kaiser Rolls_
> 4. _Dickie's Such An Asshole_
> 5. _Portuguese Lunar Landing_
> 6. _Teenage Prostitute_
> 7. _Alien Orifice_
> 8. _Cocaine Decisions_
> 9. _Baltimore Moggio_
> 10. _We Are Not Alone_
> 11. _Any Kind Of Pain_
> 12. _We're Turning Again_
> In a message dated 7/15/2006 6:03:18 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
> Hi,
> I'd like to squeeze in at the end of the European leg of this vine
> too. Thanks. Conehead in Belgium.
> Neil (neil_hawkins2003@Neil << Richard (richard.leslie. Richard
> << r2daft2 (leswatts@) UK << Ashley Harrold UK << Pete Restall
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> Alain (arid2004@) CH << Conehead BE << Dawayne Bailey (oozlet@) US
> John G in Kansas (croontoonz1950@John << Skipsign US << Luis
> (lusi_tanio@(lusi<< ??
> Could somebody please fill me in again on what exactly is included
> this 4CD offer ? I seem to have missed the initial offer post and I
> keep seeing replies without any reference to its contents.
> Thanks kindly again & Cheers ...
> CH


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