This vine is on its way to Ashley tomorrow.
The hoppinated vine currently looks like this (I think!):
r2daft2 (leswatts@) UK << Ashley Harrold UK << Pete Restall(restallp@) UK<< Bart (bartozjad@) Pol << Alain (arid2004@) CH << 
Dawayne Bailey (oozlet@) US << John G in Kansas (croontoonz1950@) US << Skipsign US << Luis (lusi_tanio@) AR <<
Please add yourself back in if I've missed anyone out.
There's been some confusion regarding what's actually on these four audio discs.
As I've now had chance to see them (although I've not played them all the way through yet) I can confirm that they appear to be the following:
Discs 1 & 2:

??-Aug? 1981, UMRK, Los Angeles, CA

90 min, B+

Any Kind Of Pain, Nig Biz, Kaiser Rolls, Dickie's Such An Asshole, Portuguese Lunar Landing, Teenage Prostitute, Alien Orifice, Cocaine Decisions, What's New In Baltimore?, Moggio, We Are Not Alone (w/ vocals!!), Any Kind Of Pain (w/ different words), We're Turning Again (w/ extra Jimi Hendrix verses)


Disc 3:


12-Aug 1981, UMRK, Los Angeles, CA

45 min, A-

Portuguese Lunar Landing, Bamboozled By Love, I'm The Slime, The Illinois Enema Bandit (short appearance by Lisa Popeil while FZ experiments on combining IEB with Zoot Allures), Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man, Theme from Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, Dancin' Fool, Flakes, Montana, Drowning Witch


Disc 4:


14-Sep 1981, UMRK, Los Angeles, CA

45 min, B+

Yo Mama, Any Kind Of Pain, Kaiser Rolls, Envelopes






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