Actually Room 101 is a bootleg label. Completely illegitimate as far as owning or having any legal rights to the stuff they sell. They do a fine job packaging their stuff but distributing it by vine or torrent is almost always alright to do. In the torrent community it’s often referred to as liberating a bootleg. In other words giving away free what someone had no right to be selling to begin with.  


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Dawayne wrote

Is the DVD that you're passing around from your original or pieced
together from the various sources?

It's an exact copy of the Room 101 dvd which was sent to me by a trading
friend in London (who has access to this kind of thing),in the days before I
was able to acquire an original copy myself.
Room 101 have put out some lovely stuff....the artwork is superb.
Zappa wise they have also released the NYC Palladium 81 show and Barcelona
I'm not sure if they're a European or US label or if they're still going.



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