I'll admit that we have a unique way of doing vines here but as John K said
it's because folks don't follow the instructions. We do form a chain before
the vine starts. It's just that we allow additional links to be added onto
the chain after it starts. It's not called a chain after all but a vine and
a vine is a living thing that can grow. We used to do the post one at a time
way but found that it worked better for members that checked their email 20
times a day and discriminated against someone that only checked every other
day. That's when we went to the living vine concept. Being an international
group prompted the Hopination concept. I suppose it can be frustrating if
someone is third and then gets bumped to seventh because of Hopination but
it does speed the overall distribution of the vine. It shouldn't be
difficult at all if everyone plays by the rules. There are 2 rules that are
most often ignored and I think this is where the problems come from.


1.      Never change the subject line on an official vine communication
email post.
2.      Always post an email after you send the vine on to the next guy with
the current vine (CHAIN) list but with your own name removed.


This way a simple search at the website or on your local email client for
the subject line of a particular vine will find all the information you
would ever need. If the vine gets hopinated there should be no problem as
long as rule 2 has been followed. I recommend copy and paste to avoid
leaving someone out and make sure your working off the list posted by the
guy who sent you the vine. Oh he didn't post a list when he sent it to you?
Well there's the problem.   


Another personal rule I have for myself is to never sign up for more than 2
vines at once if there is a chance of them arriving at the same time. Unless
you have no life beyond the collecting of live music it can get confusing to
have 4 or 6 vines all come at the same time. This should be a fun hobby and
I've found that it stresses me out if I have too many vines to deal with all
at once. Of course everyone is different but it's something to think about.
I've observed others having great difficulty after signing up for every vine
that comes along. 



Jim L


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sorry but this group really makes vine structures difficult..why not either
form a chain at the beginning of the sign up period, or post a vine offer
one at a time..this is ridiculous


"Everybody take a deep breath, because thats all youre gonna get"  Bob Weir


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