Ridiculous: an adjective meaning worthy of, or deserving, ridicule.

IMO, the only thing worthy of ridicule when it comes to how we structure vines 
here is the lack of initiative amongst those who wish to be a part of said 
vines to educate themselves on how to do it properly...

And several of us have gone out of our way to make this information available 
to every member - repeatedly; I'm talking blue in the face repeatedly.

If there is another method that allows for the "features" we have installed in 
our vines (i.e. the never ending chain; the geographical considerations, the 
searchability of archived chains, etc.), yet makes it easier to accomplish (in 
the face of rampant ignorance/apathy), I would love to hear about it.

Our system may not be the best; I don't know. I do know that it was developed 
after a lot of complaints arose from the willy nilly manner of the previous 
"system" (which was, in effect, the "dealer calls the game"), and only after a 
good deal of discussion, and comparison with how other like-minded groups did 

I can assure you that the developers of our system did not put their time and 
energy into "a way to make the sharing of FZ's music confusing, difficult, and 
next to impossible". That would have been ridiculous...

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  sorry but this group really makes vine structures difficult..why not either 
form a chain at the beginning of the sign up period, or post a vine offer one 
at a time..this is ridiculous

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