Seasonings yourself, Glen.
No FZ on at this precise moment, but a couple of homemade comps have been in 
heavy rotation this past week...
Holiday Regards,
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  From: Glen Young 
  Sent: Sunday, December 24, 2006 1:22 PM
  Subject: [Zappa-List] Today's playlist

  I thought it would be interesting to know what Zappa folks out there are 
  playing right now.

  Myself I've just been grooving to 17/5/81  Ritz,NYC which is the JWB 
  remaster d/l from either dime or zomb recently.

  What Zappa are other folks on the list listening to this Xmas ?

  And may I say Season's Greetings to SOFA and all others on this list.
  Glen in Bristol,England.

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