Trecherous Cretins is a track off of disc 1 of Shut Up & Play Your Guitar.
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It seems to be titled on here as Trecherous Creatins. If anyone has heard this 
track maybe they can confirm what this really is?
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Hmmm... Conflicting info:
But, I would think that if a satirical track did exist with the 'band imitating 
the above artists', we'd know about it. I've never heard of the website that 
displays this, tho' it is obviously a Dylan site.
My experience with Dylan fans extends only to my best friend, who mirrors my FZ 
rabidity in his enthusiasm for "His Bobship".
He is not nearly into the trivial minutia that I associate with FZ fans... So I 
wouldn't be stunned if the Dylan site had the facts slightly askew...
My experience with boots is: this could well be an "Unreleased session with 
Neil Young, The Band, George Harrison, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Leonard 
Cohen and The Bee Gees", with no Zappa or Dylan involvement whatsoever...
Who to believe?

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