Thanks for this info. I hope to find this eventually. Sounds like it could  
be amusing.
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This  is what I remember from an LP review a long time ago:

Bird of peace is  from Woodshock, a humorous tribute to Woodstock.
Nothing to do with Zappa  or Dylan, but imitators having a bit of fun.

The song itself is  supposed to be the festival encore with everybody
on stage, and it features  Neil Young (Bird of peace, flying high, so I
took my gun and shot it), Dean  Martin (too pissed to sing, all you
hear is clinking bottles), Bee Gees  (the vibrato way up) and many others.

Black Sabbath is also featured on  the album, but the song stops short
because they kill themselves (or was it  just the singer suiciding...b

So there. I tried to google for more  info, no luck.


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