The 31 Oct 1981 date had an early show and a late show. The TTNS DVD that I
transferred was made from the most complete version and it contains portions
of both shows intermixed. MTV also broadcasted a shorter version of one of
the shows. Then there are a few other less complete versions. Most of what
was on Night Flight came from the official release known as The Dub Room
Special. The Dub Room is made of footage from both the KCET '73 show and the
TTNS '81 shows. It also features some great claymation and some casual time
with Frank having fun. You can get a good deal on the Dub Room at Amazon.



Jim L


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Forgive my questions from this newcomer....

Is this the same or different? Video?
I would be interested in this to compare, if it
is currently or still available, thanks!


Bart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Jim,
thanks for an update!
Actually it looks like the Early show makes almost 50/50 (44%) in it, 
not bad score after all ! :-)
Pitty we can't see the drowning witchie...

I'm afraid I was responsible for that miss labeling. The MTV version 
is of
course the MTV version and when I originally got it well it was said 
to be
from the late show. It might be only from the late show I don't 
really know
for sure but it was a live broadcast I think so probably was. TTNS 
out to be a mixture of both late and early. After close examination be
several who had audio versions that were for sure split as early and 
this is how the mix on TTNS brakes down.

* early show
# late show

01. Black Napkins #
02. Montana #
03. Easy Meat #
04. Beauty Knows No Pain #
05. I'm A Beautiful Guy #
06. Charlie's Enormous Mouth #
07. Fine Girl #
08. Teenage Wind #
09. Harder Than Your Husband #
10. Bamboozled By Love #
11. We're Turning Again *
12. Alien Orifice *
13. Flakes *
14. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes *
15. You Are What You Is *
16. Mudd Club *
17. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing *
18. Dumb All Over *
19. Heavenly Bank Account *
20. Suicide Chump *
21. Jumbo Go Away *
22. Stevie's Spanking #
23. The Torture Never Stops #
24. Strictly Genteel #
25. The Illinois Enema Bandit #

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