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I've really enjoyed the Stage Series and rather wish that there was a Vol 7 
and 8.
Afterall, there's still plenty of unreleased songs and arrangements that 
would fit the "Stage" criteria.
For example, we've finally got the Petit Wazoo disc but this still omits 
Little Dots and a Rollo with vocals.
Another Stage release could provide a home for these.
Little Dots and also Approximate are unfortunate omissions from "Imaginary 
Diseases". But there may way be a second volume of stuff from that tour coming 
out one day.

As for the abbreviated and vocal-less Rollo, I really wish it were there, 
too, but 1) it being a 4-track recording of a 10-piece band and 2) there not 
being very many vocals performed on that tour, FZ's vocal may not have even 
recorded on any available recording of the song. It's a possibility, anyway.


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