Looks like You, Eli and myself are outsiders...

            For what it's worth, I never called Napoleon "Nappy" either and 
wouldn't be surprised if he smacked my condescending ass one for that, either.
            On the alleged thread of this I heard from backstage talk (so take 
it with a grain of salt) that there was always some tension in the ZFT camp 
since Napoleon would not agree to work exclusively for the Zappa Plays Zappa 
band.  He was not about to turn down a gig with Project/Object or any other 
Zappa tribute outfit that was not  authorized by the Zappa Family Trust.
            As I said, this was hearsay so take it as such, although it does 
make a certain amount of logic (if not sense).

  Not Dead Yet,

  Bill Amutis
  (Ol' Baggy Eyes)

  Progress is not possible without deviation from the norm-Frank Zappa

  On Jan 15, 2008, at 7:37 PM, John Gobetz wrote:

    Hmmm---well, that offers some explanation as to the reasoning of why I saw 
Ray White at the ZPZ show in Tulsa last year instead of Nappy & other FZ 
alumni---mind you, Ray did a great job, even tho' I hadn't expected him to be 
there---things must be getting really funky over at the ZFT---hope they get it 
together---I wanna see ZPZ again!---keep it cool Nappy!!---we're all pullin' 
for ya!!!---john G in kansas
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      All I know is that Nappy was origianlly penciled in for this past years 
      tour but something must have happened because he said "he couldn't make 
      a deal with the devil (GZ). That was why they got Ray White.

      --- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
      > I read a hint of something not fully explained on a web site saying 
      that the ZFT had done Nappy wrong - could someone possibly clue me in?
      > Concerned for Nappy,
      > David
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