That is understandable - because many others also do not follow protocol...
Sacred Rule #1: don't change the subject line (you didn't, thank you). This is 
the one rule that can really muck up the works when not followed.
You might try another search (or two, or 3) and change the keywords - try VO 
MITB, VO Music Is The Best, or Music Is The Best. Also, when you do find a 
reference message, try searching all the messages for that particular month, in 
case the SR#1 above was not followed. Sometimes that can help narrow things 
Good Luck! (It IS an awesome set, compiled and created by one of our esteemed 
members, and now wildly bootlegged from the Orient.)
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  >Did you read the FAQ on our vine procedure, Bri? It's helpful in
  tracking them down and adding one's name properly.

  Thanks, I did.  Sorry about the poor protocol, but I couldn't find the
  last "entry" to add my name to.


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