Hi Group
I'm ashamed to kind of admit this, I've been a voyuer here on this group, I'm 
not exactly sure how to download or know much about the internet (I'm very, 
very old school)...
But i wanted to get in on this...I'd have to agree, the cleverest FZ song ever 
is St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast.  The entire Apostrophe is a very clever 
piece, extremely clever...
Been a FZ fan for many, many years, wrote him a letter when I once worked for a 
music magazine.  He signed an autograph for me.
We lost a national treasure when he passed on.  
So I guess I'm saying hello to the group and if anyone wouldn't mind, can 
someone explain what a "thread" means and is it possible for me to actually 
download shows into my computer and onto a blank CD?  
Thanks for all help and input...please write and say hi to me.

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Looking purely for personal opinions here. What is the cleverest Zappa song? 
Pick whatever definition of clever works for you. I'll go first: I choose St. 
Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast.


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