dbpower amp will do it, it's not free, but I bet you can find a free d/l 
outthere somewhere's
Traders Little Helper is probably the best, it does do everything!

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            Thanks, John.  I'm reading up on it.




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> Trader's Little Helper...It does just about everything.


> John K


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> To make this short, the subject line says it in a

> nutshell.  I have 

> been using MusicMatch to convert from MP3 to WAV and

> the vice versa on 

> one computer (since my version of Sound Forge only

> recognizes WAVs).  

> Since MusicMatch changed to Yahoo Music and then was

> discontinued, I 

> can't do this on my other computer.  I've looked

> at the other 

> rippers/players on that PC and can't find the same

> function; maybe I 

> have it but don't know it.


> What other programs can do this seemingly simple task? 

> Jim L., you 

> have always had great information. 


> thanks for your indulgence,


> Joseph in Nevada (was Dallas)






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