Two years after my move I have finally been able to get back to looking at my 
collection of FZ vines, putting it all together again.  I had a few of Chris 
F.'s covers and found many more in the files.  Chris, those are great 
-- colorful and nice photos chosen.
In the process I found some dates I must have missed during my time out of 
pocket.  I'll list these below, and if anyone has a copy that's waiting to be 
passed on, I'm more than happy to kickstart a new vine.
I can handle FLAC and regular audio discs but no DVD-related copies at this 
point, sorry.  I'm still doing computer cleanup and upgrades.
I'll put my current trade list in the files, and although many of you will have 
these, I can trade or start something else up from my list.
1 Sep 84  Saratoga
11 Nov 77  Kansas City
19 Nov 76  Detroit
24 Oct 76  Boston
Last Rites (looks interesting!)
and pretty much anything that's not on my list.
thanks again, everyone,
Joseph in NV
P.S.  In my list are four Wazoo dates, which if I recall were set to rest by 
the official Wazoo release.  Was that all those shows or only certain ones?  If 
all then please ignore them -- oops!


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