So, in light of Mark's message (and assuming Matt has responded), the order now 

Matt S(US) << Marty Guinn (US) << Guy Gonzo1(US) << Luis (AR) lusi_tanio@ << ???

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  From: Guy 
  Sent: Monday, September 15, 2008 4:41 PM
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Music, Royce

  Just a reminder,
  as per SOFA in message #15087...

  "The correct order for this vine as of my sending it off to John G in
  Kansas is: john g in kansas (US) << Skipster2001 (US) << reinhardtken
  (US) << Mark H (US) << Matt S(US) << Marty Guinn (US) << Guy Gonzo1
  (US) << Luis (AR) lusi_tanio@ << ???"

  I guess you can tell I'm hot for this one.

  --- In, Mark Hothem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
  > Ok Matt this little gem will be coming your way soon! But I need 
  your address (Off Line of course). A real nice collection of FLACS 
  on a single DVD.
  > Many thanks to Ken and the others for moving this through the vine.
  > Mark H


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