I read the same interview as Bri, where Gail says:


"These two records happen to be Frank's masterworks," Zappa tells
Billboard.com, "so this is the most ambitious of all the (40th anniversary)
projects. The challenge is how to educate the audience to understand what
'Lumpy Gravy' and 'We're Only in It for the Money' are, and what they're
part of.

"So in this particular case we have to be more about the process than the
outtakes. You're going to be listening to how Frank worked, all the little
developments of these pieces as opposed to just an outtake or another
performance of that particular piece. You're going to hear how he got there
from here."


which did suggest it wasn't going to be outtakes and such - it sounds like
maybe it's incomplete outtakes - examples or something...


We'll just have to wait and hear what it's *actually* all about - whatever
it turns out to include (besides the obvious) I've got my copy reserved








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>> I saw the opposite stated, that outtakes wouldn't be on the set.
> Well, this is what the press release says:
> http://www.shorefire.com/index.php?a=pressrelease
<http://www.shorefire.com/index.php?a=pressrelease&o=2388> &o=2388 

OK, here's the interview I read.
I guess I misinterpreted Gail's line "we have to be more about the 
process than the outtakes"




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