More precisely:

Front-cover mystery :-)

  From left to right: Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, FZ, Eddie Jobson. I am not 
familiar with the answers altho I've seen some speculation on affz. I don't 
remember the details but the photo had to do with some time period another than 
that album.

From: Vladimir Sovetov
  John, I think the explanation is in note Calvin provided for Uncle Meat cover.
  Let me repeat it here
  [Calvin's note]: "There was, at times (at least in earlier years), some 
discrepancy between who performed on the album, and who was listed or pictured 
on the packaging. I would say this was primarily because: the album package 
illustrated the MOI "group" as it existed at the time of release as 
differentiated from the actual recording personnel; listings and photos of the 
MOI usually were of whoever was in the "group" when the list or photo was made, 
and the band was ever-changing (as were some albums)".
  So you see " the album package illustrated the MOI "group" as it existed at 
the time of release as differentiated from the actual recording personnel" and 
at the time Zoot Allures album was sent to Warner Brothers for pressing (06/76 
) the touring group consisted of

    * Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals;
    * Ray White - guitar, vocals;
    * Eddie Jobson - violin, keyboards;
    * Patrick O'Hearn - bass;
    * Terry Bozzio - drums, vocals 

  The very persons on the cover. The actual band. So the real mystery is where 
is Ray? Probably once again some emergency call from home!-))

From: Charles Ulrich
  FZ was not touring in June, 1976. The tour didn't start until October, 1976. 
Moreover, when it did start, the line-up also included:
  Bianca - keyboards, vocals
  It seems quite possible that Ray and Bianca were hired sometime between June 
and October. (Bianca left the band after the November 11 concert.) 

That's what I found.
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  Hi Edward,


  It's Patrick O'Hearn with the curly hair, Terry Bozzio on the stool, Frank 
and Eddie Jobson sitting down on the chair thinking 'Why am I in this picture, 
I don't play on the LP?'






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  Going from left to right, what are the names of the people on the cover of 
"Zoot Allures"?
  I know know that is Frank Zappa in the middle, and I am guessing Ruth 
Underwood on the far 
  right. The other two I don't know, anyone? Thanks!



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