Most of that stuff has been traded free on groups like this for years. Then
when the internet downloading thing really kicked in about 5 years ago every
Zappa fan (with a broadband connection) could have the best possible copy
available for free. Now keep in mind that most if not all of this stuff was
just not available from the ZFT at that time. Most was not available for far
too many years from legitimate retail sources. We have attempted to stop the
trading or vines of things when a ZFT version is released. One never knows
when a favorite live show is suddenly going to be released by the ZFT

As for eBay they have rules against selling this sort of thing but they just
don't enforce them. The truth is that they make too much money from this
sort of thing. They even have a rule against selling any disc that's on
written media as opposed to a factory pressing.  


Jim L


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How did all that other crap get past them ?! Token of his extreme is 
clearly a VHS dub that could be improved by any amateur with a bit of 
free software. Apparently the 200 Motels DVD that is circulating at 
the moment seems to be "legal" as well. Looks to me like Gail better 
aim her arrows at some of that stuff rather than on Zappa tribute 
bands !


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> And just how did this new Mothers DVD get past the ZFT gestapo? 


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