Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention "In The 1960s" DVD (Chrome Dreams/MVD)

This film reviews the true story of The Mothers of Invention and the music they 
made during the first incarnation of the band. With group members Jimmy Carl 
Black, Bunk Gardner, Don Preston and Art Tripp taking up the tale and revealing 
- often for the first time - what the real Frank Zappa was all about; and with 
contributions from 'scenesters 'like LA wildman Kim Fowley, biographer Billy 
James, Zappa academic Ben Watson, music journalist Richie Unterberger and 
English writer and musician Alan Clayson - acclaimed biographer of Edgar Varèse 
- this program is the most detailed, informative and enjoyable documentary on 
Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention yet to emerge. Also features rare 
footage of Frank and The Mothers from throughout the 1960s, archive interviews, 
seldom seen live performances, and a host of other features. 

Track Listing/Features: 
Who Are The Brain Police? 
Hungry Freaks Daddy 
Trouble Every Day 
Brown Shoes Don't Make It 
America Drinks And Goes Home 
Are You Hung Up? 
Flower Punk 
Love Of My Life 
Dog Breath Variations 
Willie The Pimp 
and many others 

Bonus Materials:
Digital Contributor Biographies
Extended interviews
And more!

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