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"In some of the albums," adds Travers, "you could restore from
safeties. In the case of Money, the original two-track final master
was damaged, but the multitracks were not, and that's why, when he
went to the multitracks and remixed it, he was embracing the new
technology." Travers says that Zappa did make the original stereo mix
of Money available on CD, which is what Ryko offers. The '84 remix has
been out of print, but, Travers says, it will also be included in the
forthcoming anniversary reissue. "You'll have the mono — which is
actually a DiscReet [Records] mono mix (which is different) — the '84
mix of Money, and the unreleased '84 remix of Lumpy Gravy that no one
has ever heard."

Text in bold was the little nugget that grabbed my attention.

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