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Milhouse wrote:

> "You'll have the mono — which is
> actually a DiscReet [Records] mono mix (which is different) — the '84
> mix of Money, and the unreleased '84 remix of Lumpy Gravy that no one
> has ever heard."

> Text in bold was the little nugget that grabbed my attention.

Yeah, I noticed that too.
That said, what the article says might not be what Joe Travers was intending 
to say. While it says "DiscReet" in print, he could have been saying 
"discreet" -- as in a mix done specifically more mono, rather than just a 
reduction of 
the stereo mix. I thought about this for a bit after sending the other message 
last night, but didn't really feel like elaborating on it :P
As someone pointed out on AFFZ, it seems a little bit unlikely that in the 
midst of all the other projects FZ had going on that came out on DiscReet (from 
Overnite Sensation to Bongo Fury plus Zappa in New York and the material that 
wound up on Zoot Allures and also Studio Tan / Sleep Dirt / Orchestral 
Favorites, which Warner Bros released via DiscReet without FZ's approval and I 
during this period of time he was also working on the stuff that was released 
on Imaginary Diseases) that would also make time for a brand new mono remix of 
WOIIFTM for some queer reason. When would he have even done that? He spent a 
ridiculous amount of time on the road in 1974, for one thing, compared to 
other years when he toured.

Two other things that came to mind:
- Looks like the ZFT is getting lots of press with this release, more than 
with previous ones
I agree, and think this is mostly a good thing.

- The '84 bass and drums overdubs will be on Lumpy Money too... Judging from 
the comments on various forums most people had been expecting this, but I had 
hoped they wouldn't include them. I don't consider the remix of We're Only In 
It... to be one of FZ's best decisions as far as re-releasing his own material 
is concerned. Especially since we know now that the story he told us back 
then, about the reasons for doing it, was not 100% true...
Well, I'm Ok with the new-bass-and-drums version of Money, in part because I 
became familiar with it a good 4 or 5 years before I ever heard the original 
version via the Rykodisc reissue (which I actually bought on vinyl with a money 
order through the mail, and still don't actually own on cd) and listened to 
it many, many times.
As for what FZ said about his reasons for doing the remix, I believe he 
stated on more than one occasion that he didn't just do it because of the 
of the two-track masters. He mostly did it because he just felt like it, 
remarking that "what qualified as an 'acceptable' drum sound in 1968 is 
today". I think he was honest about it in the accounts that I've read, it's 
just that there was also the issue of the master tapes he finally won legal 
ownership of in the early 80s being in worse-than-laughable condition, and 
tend to confuse or conflate those two notions. As for the remix of Ruben and 
the Jets, he seems to have done it only because he just felt like it (and 
personally, I find that remix a bit harder to stomach than the WOIIFTM one. And 
would really like to see the ZFT via Zappa Records see to a reissue of the 
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