I bought it when it came out. It is an essential CD to have. When OZ came out 
forgot to put my name in the liner notes(for pre-ordering as offered) so they 
sent me another copy of The Memorial Tribute. I gave i to a friend for present 
few years back. Now I wish I would have kept it for selfish collectors reasons. 
I think the moustache was drawn by Matt Groening, not sure though.
I thought it was still available through Barfko-Swill.
 "Music is The Best!"
Frank Zappa
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I have this release - bought from ebay, quite a while ago.  Rarity factor, I 
cannot say (Milhouse?), but it was a limited "pressing", only  available thru 
Barking Pumpkin, so it was not widely released.
I enjoy it well enough - certainly one of the better  compilations released.
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>What an amazing CD it is.....with well over 85 Cd's of all    Franks works
>including no doubt a few possible "one of a kind" (a lumpy    prototype)cd's & 
>several photos from when I saw FZ at Univ of Miami in    early 1970's with 
>opening act Savoy Brown.....I have the all black CD entitled    "Frank Zappa 
>plays the Music of Frank Zappa" - A Memorial Tribute. Released    right after 
>Franks passing by son Dweezel for the true Zappa Fan...my question    is How 
>rare is this release ? and How many actually know about it let alone    have 
>actually heard it ? It is said to contain Franks favorite Live works and    
>presented with each version on the record for comparison. For those of yopu    
>that dont know, it has a die cut moustache and Imperial on the front of cd    
>that resembles that of FZ.  
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