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> On 22 Feb 2018, at 20:49, Troy Stackhouse via zapps-wg 
> <> wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> Powers of Tau Attestation by Troy Stackhouse
> Date: February 22, 2018
> I had a new, unconfigured laptop which provided an easy opportunity to
> participate, since I could just wipe it clean afterwards. I set it up
> fresh with Windows 10 a few days ago and made sure it was fully
> patched. I kept the machine offline when I wasn't using it, and more
> recently I downloaded the Rust implementation of powersoftau, which I
> compiled using Visual Studio Code w/ Rust rls (which also required I
> install Visual Studio C++ desktop tools).
> When it came to the ceremony, I kept the machine in my sight the whole
> time and no other human beings were nearby. For entropy, I simply
> mashed my keyboard... a lot (much longer than I felt was necessary).
> Upon completion, I fully wiped the drive with DBAN (currently in
> progress).
> Here's my BLAKE2b hash:
>        7573a747 d9b4e480 00de2715 c5bfa2ff
>        1c515371 4608cea3 97fae0fe 72846297
>        3a5b4d87 ce3e2a78 61d95a1e 59e723f9
>        6af41c1c f1b915ae 5ad5730d 1ccbaa91
> I also posted it on Reddit:
> - -Troy Stackhouse
> Lwbiigf/YGkwtsI9AX/FlIioRloEwGVDV3X5AcYqW781jnXDfOrP10EDyYtBMjS7
> FYkPH4tSURzcM71OlEbjgMzJ8R00nkbTOjoO1tBUntT/t6wTGO9hQR0HyEPMq6sM
> qAXZjpYxsjSxW1kTn2LWq+XN4APZCMErT10pc1/azOpaShfUrtZY9O7bj98wBHZ9
> N/ljlsEdRgdJsCZQJcsuJfiyu3b7sSaNcWjdOmZh0X3D/rSq/JLvmpJ+USz1xozo
> FNhPyqkHXNp1PDrO4FgBNyu1ANkWcA==
> =NoJW

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