My participation in the Powers of Tau Ceremony was made using the
following machine:

    - Newly acquired machine from other country
    - Fresh installation of Ubuntu 17.10
    - Processor: AMD® Ryzen 7 1700x eight-core processor × 16

How it was made:
    - Downloaded and compiled the Go Implementation made by Filippo @ last
commit ( e2af113817477d26e6155f1aae478d3cb58d62c5 )
    - Disconnected internet throughout the house and removed every mobile
to another room

    - Good Ol' smash the keyboard until your arm is tired
    - SHA512 out of a video from the Ipanema Beach this morning
    - Some stuff with deep meaning for me to add a personal touch

The file was transferred and upload from another machine.
I plan to completely wipe everything and not touch the computer for a few

The BLAKE2b hash of `./response` is:
e212b815 22cd231e c0f9cc52 667293a2
40c62b69 b27f5625 bc3819a7 94ba0881
2cebf9ba 90471932 087e3790 913e2f58
53fde39a 87e156e7 5259a00c 1e1ee341

I'm very happy to have had the chance to participate and I appreciate
everyone who worked so hard for this to be possible.

Thank you!

Tiago C. Loriato Simões

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