Andrea Adami wrote:
> Hello,
> trying to take care of the bugreports of OpenEmbedded referred to
> zaurus kernels ( ) I found the #2636 interesting.

Is it a way we should go?

Another possible ways to do it:

- Use of user space tskeys daemon and uinput kernel layer (it is the way
it is done now).

- New generic kernel driver for conversion from 1-D and 2-D linear input
  device to the keyboard:
  1-D scale can be used for the resistive remote.
  2-D scale can be used for touchscreen keyboard.

I wrote a part of resistive_keypad driver[1], but did not finish it.

> Now, corgi_ts has been deprecated but I'm unsure all old issues have
> been solved. See

No, ads7846 is based on corgi_ts. Probably all problems of corgi_ts
affect ads7846 as well. But it has more testers, as its bugs affect not
only Zaurus, but also for also other devices. For example Always
Innovating Touch Book has the same wobbling cursor problem like we
observe on Zaurus.

> IIRC some work has been done in order to filter the spurious events.
> Anyone can comment on the actual status?

Pavel Machek fixed reverse scale of pressure.

Vitaly Minko experimented with a more exact reading and better


Stanislav Brabec

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