Yuri Bushmelev wrote: 
> > Interesting :-). Is it still possible to buy this kind of remote
> > control somewhere / does anyone have any extra / ... I guess it should
> > be quite easy to make one...?
> You can make it yourself. Here is manual in german: 
> http://www.relei.de/zaurusfernb.html

There is an incorrect value in the table.

To Rene Kommzu: Could you fix marked values, please?

Correct resistor values for CE-RH2 (serial connection of resistors):

R1 330 Ohm Stop
R2 470 Ohm Play/Pause
R3 680 Ohm Next Song
R4 910 Ohm Volume Up
R5 1.5 kOhm Previous Song
R6 3.3 kOhm Mute
R7 10 kOhm Volume Down    <--

Resistances (for serial connection):

And in table Testwerte zwischen Pin "GND und Key" please also correct:
T7 17190 Ohm              <--

Stanislav Brabec

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