Andrea Adami wrote:
> Ok, I can finally confirm all works  'as before'.
> Was just a matter of adding  CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP=y
> Stanislav, I don't know how much useful that dictionary could
> doesn't seem worth breaking the partition order, though ;)

Me too, but this dictionary was always visible, just with a bad
description. It seems to be a file in DB-3 format, so it should not be
hard to digg into it and write a simple application:

On 2.6.26:
r...@zaurus:~# file -s /dev/mtd0
/dev/mtd0: DBase 3 data file (1031668283 records)
Well, number of records looks incorrect, but it may be endian change

The real addition is the bootloader partition. It has not a big value,
- You see everything you can see.
- People who want to copy their PROM contents for emulator, don't have
  to patch kernel to be able to do it.

Stanislav Brabec

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