Andrea Adami wrote:
> Hello Stanislav,
> > Unfortunately I have a fresh report from JaMa about wrong...
> BTW this was on Spitz. So the question is: does the prom appear
> somewhere in /proc/partitions? I could not find it on say mtd3...

It should (I don't have the latest vanilla just now). And
using /proc/mtd it could be identified.

> > Kernel makes no guarantee of partition order. It depends on order of
> > evaluation. If both drivers (PROM, NAND) are in modules, it can vary
> > even across reboots.
> Ok, so what to do? Patch the kernel?

It is more generic problem. It seems that kernel does not guarantee
order of devices. The order changed even for CF slots: In 2.6.26
internal slot was listed first. Now external slot is listed first.

The same problem affects keyboard (kernel with CE-RH2 remote support
enumerates touchscreen differently.

> How do other boards with NOR and NAND do?

Modern devices use OneNAND or similar and don't need any PROM. With a
single MTD, numbers are stable.

But this is critical problem only for boot. In the user space, there is
a lot of chances to prevent it (udev, mount by ID).

> Imho we should respect the factory layout and keep kernel in mtd1.

Note: I sent a patch to the kernel that fixes PROM layout and introduces
two partitions in PROM: Boot PROM System and EN-JP DB3.

So it would not be possible. Either mtd0 or mtd2.

SharpROM$ cat /proc/mtd
dev:    size   erasesize  name
mtd0: 006b0000 00020000 "Filesystem"
mtd1: 00700000 00020000 "smf"
mtd2: 02b00000 00020000 "root"
mtd3: 04e00000 00020000 "home"

Stanislav Brabec

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