> I just got partial success with migration of Zaurus to the latest Xorg.

Thank you for your work!
Can you please measure memory load? Just to compare kdrive vs xorg.

> Todo:
> - Implement chvt to the keymap.
> - Migrate touchscreen to evdev or fix tslib driver crash on chvt.
> - XRandR is not yet supported.
> - Some operations are much slower than they were on kdrive.

What are that operations?

> - Adapt daemons to new key codes.
> - Think again about keymaps that need AltGr+Numbers (cz). What should
>   take precedence? Move Brightness or AltGr+Number to Fn+Shift? Or move
>   it elsewhere?

May be map them just to Alt+Number? Or you can use Calendar or Menu key e.g. 
as modificator. Or just remove brightness bindings for keymaps with 

> - Think about use of unused keys.
> - Implement Compose.

Same thing here. I'll prefer using Calendar - Menu keys for this.

> - How to discriminate OK, OK, Enter and Esc, Cancel.
> - Maybe set slower repeat rates for some special keys instead of turning
>   it off.
> - XKB geometry

How are (should be?) mapped wheel, screen keys and functional keys 

Seems I should prepare russian phonetic keymap too :)

Yuri Bushmelev

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