On 03/08/10 08:25, Somebody in the thread at some point said:
dmesg would not be useful, it usually hits user programs. Like... mutt
suddenly displaying , instead of - in the header. Program failing to
start because function printg is not found (it was not exactly
printf->printg,  I don't remember exact symbol), ping complaining
about discarding corrupted packets, etc.

(Or of course, kernel oopsing or not going from suspend at all. But as
even user data are being corrupted, oops is not likely to be
interesting and system is typically not in state to capture it any more.)

Well I've seen empty lines when editing file with vim (these that are starting
with blue tilda) in the middle of file. And sometimes programs segfaults for no
good reason. Just today I've run "apt-get update" and got:

symbol lookup error: apt-get: undefined symbol: _ZN16pkgAcquireStatus4StopEv

While the correct symbol seems to be _ZN16pkgAcquireStatus4.

When running 'make' in kernel directory and closing the display sometimes
machine dies and nothing but reset under battery cover helps. I remeber waking
up in the morning, opening the device and reseting the device. And it seems to
be provoked much more by active CF wifi card.

I saw very similar failures for a long time on our iMX31 based device. Eventually I found a Freescale errata where the RAM inside the USB2 macrocell started to make single bit errors below 1.38V Vcore; ours was 1.4V at that time but dipped on CPU load.

I cranked up the Vcore to 1.6V and that solved it, we also added some ceramic caps to Vcore to help with the dips.

So it might be worth looking at PMU arrangements for Vcore level / look for dips with a 'scope (despite this isn't an iMX31).

A characteristic of it was it never caused kernel issues, since the kernel didn't come over USB. It only ever caused troubles on userspace stuff.


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