> Is this display rotated by 90 degrees?

Yes it is.

> If so, they're actually horizontal lines as far as the display scanning
> is concerned - and that tends to suggest that there's insufficient system
> bus bandwidth for all the activity taking place, and the LCD controller
> is being starved of data.

Well, when doing 'echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate_all' for 2.6.33
I've got the same problem but the lines are vertical. However 2.6.24 seems to
work in non rotated mode.

> I've seen similar (described) effects on SA1110 systems in past years
> with low clock rates.
> Some of the reports suggest that this happens with multiple kernel versions
> and is not something new to the latest kernels.  Please confirm when the
> problem started.

As far as I can test in rotated mode it happens for kernels from 2.6.24 to
2.6.33 (I haven't older kernel than 2.6.24 that boots on spitz). 


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