On 03/12/10 09:07, Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Unless there's more to it in the way the zaurus using it that regulator
isn't programmable digitally.

OOPS, I made a mistake and linked ISL6721 instead of ISL6271 there.
Now it is fixed:

This one has I2C. It is connected to GPIO 3 (PWR_SCL) and GPIO 4

Thanks... that defaults to 1.3V on Vcore if you don't touch it. I guess confirm on the CPU datasheet that it's OK for your selected CPU clock speed.

I guess that Zaurus has a good power design and that voltage should be
constant enough. CF has a dedicated step down (plus 2.8V power detector

In that case is the PXA CF driver PIO? Then it can be the same load on Vcore issue in disguise.


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