> flameman mayer wrote:
>> hi
>> i need to make the IR port working for C1000 and C3000
>> anybody has success with it ?
> I succeeded in past using irda-utils. I did not need it for a long time,
> so I cannot tell you whether it works in the latest kernels.
>> anybody knows something about the IR serial chip: it should be a SIR
> The zaurus IR chip is GP2W0120YP0F. On/Off is controlled by
> SPITZ_SCP2_IR_ON, the rest is connected to the PXA serial.
> http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/zaurus/datasheets/IrDA/

thank you for reply
have you ever thought to desolder the irda chip ? i mean, i need an
extra serial port, so i'd better remove this unuseful chip

a can't locate the chip on che C3000 motherboard, have you hot any
photo about this IRDA chip ? do you know exactly where are the TX and
RX pins ?

about kernel: which was the working one you had success with IRDA ?


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