flameman mayer wrote:
> > flameman mayer wrote:
> >> hi
> >> i need to make the IR port working for C1000 and C3000
> >> anybody has success with it ?
> >
> > I succeeded in past using irda-utils. I did not need it for a long time,
> > so I cannot tell you whether it works in the latest kernels.
> >
> >> anybody knows something about the IR serial chip: it should be a SIR
> > The zaurus IR chip is GP2W0120YP0F. On/Off is controlled by
> > SPITZ_SCP2_IR_ON, the rest is connected to the PXA serial.
> > http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/zaurus/datasheets/IrDA/
> hi
> thank you for reply
> have you ever thought to desolder the irda chip ? i mean, i need an
> extra serial port, so i'd better remove this unuseful chip

No. I plan to use unused BTUART as an internal serial port. You can get
it easily accessible on soldering pads just by adding one resistor
I plan to order that array from Farnell:

Pads will be then easily accessible on the (unused) Bluetooth module
You can see these PCB traces here:
These images (larger size in click):

Here is the datasheet of the chip that Sharp probably planned to use in
Akita for Bluetooth:

> a can't locate the chip on che C3000 motherboard, have you hot any
> photo about this IRDA chip ? do you know exactly where are the TX and
> RX pins ?

IrDA chip is integrated with the IR LED diodes. It is the chip under the
IR-transparent plastic window.
It is a top-right-PCB photo
( http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/zaurus/pcbb_ur_t.jpg ) at
The chip is marked FU6001 (visible on the large photo).

See the datasheet to locate Rx and Tx. It should be pin 6 and 7. You can
try whether the chip sets inputs and outputs to high impedance mode when
its chip select is not set. If yes, you can repurpose them even without

> about kernel: which was the working one you had success with IRDA ?

I guess it was kernel 2.4.20 (lineo) and 2.6.23 (RP). But I guess that
even latest kernels work. If not, it should be easy to fix.

Stanislav Brabec

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