> I can't locate the chip on che C3000 motherboard, have you hot any
> photo about this IRDA chip ? do you know exactly where are the TX and
> RX pins ?


i was thinking that the "GP2W0120YP0F" has no internal manchester

i have imagined that GP2W0120YP0F was just a infrared transceiver, i
mean  "infrared tx diode" coupled wth "infrared rx photo transitor +
operational amplifier" ....

but ... reading the GP2W0120YP0F's datasheet i see it has an internal
manchester encoder/decoder

so the GP2W0120YP0F.{rx,tx} should be directly connected to the ARM
cpu serual port

so it should be possible to unsolder GP2W0120YP0F in order to export
{gnd, tx, rx}, to be coupled with 3.3V-RS232-level-shifter

(or not ?)


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