Hey everyone,

Well, I've been lazy and haven't worked on ZB for a while now.  To be
honest BLD solving has consumed me, but funny how things come full
circle sometimes.

So I've finally decided to learn the BLD method I've been thinking
about since after seeing Stefan Pochmann's BLD method where he does
orientation and permutation at the same time.

My idea is to use the no-edge-perm ZBLL to solve corners like Stefan,
but use 3 cycles in stead of 2-swaps.  Then I'll use ELL for the edges
to do the same.

I've done example solves using lookup sheets before, and I like the
idea very much.

Well, BLD still consumes me, but has come full circle to incorporate a
large subset of ZBLL that I don't know very much of.

So in short, I'm a very weird person in that I switch around a lot in
my cubing and focus really hard on things for a short time, stop for a
while, then come back.  But it turns out that I'm back to ZBLL, and I
want to learn this subset very badly.

I also don't know ELL yet lol, so that is another thing to look into.

Anyway I hope everyone is well, I've missed some of the recent
progress in what has been going on, so sorry to be all focused on ZB
and then to just disappear.

Anyway, hope everyone is well.  Team ZB still rocks :-D

Team [ZB]

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