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For those wondering what the heck I'm talking about with my this BLD
method, here is my idea.

Solve like Stefan by doing orientation and position at once, but do
three cycles instead of 2 swaps.

I don't know if I am the iventor of this approach, but I've been
wanting to learn how to do this ever since I saw Stefan's idea.

Here is an example solve.  I used ACube to supply the ZBLL algs I
didn't know, and I did edges in a way as to not use any ELL I don't know.

The cube is solved completely in 7 algorithms:

Sscramble from JNetcube: D2 U2 F2 D L2 B2 R' L' B2 F2 L R' U' D L2 U
F2 B2 L U' F' U' D2 R' U'

1) x' L2 D L' U2 L D' L' U2 L' x
2) D' B2 (F' L F' R2 F L' F' R2 F2) B2 D
3) F D F' (R D L U' L D L' U L D2 R D L2 D' R2) F D' F'

1) L (L2 U' F' B L2 F B' U' L2) L'
2) B2 (x2 L2 U'F'B L2 F B' U' L2x2) B2
3) F R' (M' B')x4 R F'
4) R' B2 R2 B2 R2 B2 R'

I want to know this BLD method.  very... badly..

Hope you guys find it interesting.


Holy buckets that's amazing.  7 algs to solve the whole cube is a pretty awesome idea.  That's powerful.  And I don't know about those corners algs, but for the edge ones, You really can't beat ELL.  Especially if you go with MU moves for a lot of them.

All the cool kids are doing BLD now. ;)



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