The group has been relatively mute for a while.  The reasons why are 
many and varied, and I won't invest any time explaining as such.  
The problem in the inactivity is that it screams failure not only 
for the ZBmethod.  It represents something far more important.  This 
group represents a group of people that are willing to explore 
something new and innovative.  

I propose that we rename the group to relate the desire to explore 
new methods.  I'm fairly certain this will raise the activity in 
this group, as well as giving cubers a good platform to discuss new 
things.  No offense to anyone but the normal speedcubing group is 
quite possibly the worst medium available for discussing new 

I have talked to several people with method ideas that could inspire 
a major shift in traditional cubing -- Surely someone wants to play 
a role in this.

Best Regards,


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