Hi Stephane,

St├ęphane Bisinger wrote:
I would be very pleased if I could help you with the
development of the Driver Rewrite, yet I have no
previous experience with such projects, so I thought I
could help you, for now, with something else: I could
write documentation about the code you write. I was
thinking about something like javadocs (explain the
purpose of various function with their return values
and parameters), so that future developers who wish to
join could understand the code faster and at the same
time I could learn a lot of things by your work. And
obviously I can help with testing!
Let me know if you are interested in this, if you
think that this could work and anything else about
coordinating with the work.

There probably isn't a great deal you can do in terms of documenting the driver - much of it is unknown to us, we're just using the tidbits of information from the vendor driver.

If you do find any areas you could document, then you should just use general comments rather than javadoc.

Myself and Ulrich are currently at the OSDL Desktop Wireless Summit where the whole world of Linux-wireless is being discussed. Documentation is a real issue with the kernel's ieee80211 stack, maybe you'd be interested in adding kerneldoc-style comments to those functions?

Also, when people start using our driver (i.e. when we can connect to networks) I imagine we'll get an overflow of people testing it, with some bugs and unsupported features. We'd really appreciate any help in terms of "crowd control"!


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