--- Ulrich Kunitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> You could start writing kerneldoc comments for the
> driver
> functions. I would suggest starting with the code in
> my tree
> http://deine-taler.de/zd1211/zd1211.git. The best
> way, would be if
> you would publish your patches also as a git tree.

That is exactly what I meant, I'll be working on that!
No problem about using git (after all my main purpose
is to learn such things...)

> > Also, when people start using our driver (i.e.
> when we can connect to
> > networks) I imagine we'll get an overflow of
> people testing it, with some bugs
> > and unsupported features. We'd really appreciate
> any help in terms of "crowd
> > control"!
> I absolutely agree with this suggestion.

I'm quite sure I can give an hand with this!

(What is that "I will regret this" feeling?)


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