On Wed, 12 Apr 2006, Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:

/proc/bus/usb contain these lines:
        P: Vendor=1582 ProdID=6003 Rev=48.10
That's a zd1211b-based device
Oops.  I thought that the b in zd1211b has something to do with 802.11b

No. ZD1211B is more a less another revision of the ZD1211 chipset which supports 801.11b/g/a.

I just have tried what Chidananda suggested, meaning I accessed my dongle with the zd1211 module. Can this damage the dongle?


It should be supported by the driver using proper options ("make
ZD1211REV_B=1 install" should be okay).
Can I also do a normal make; make install and then just load zd1211b instead
of zd1211?  Can I also use the zd1211-source and zd1211-firmware packages
included in Debian etch as long as I load zd1211b instead of zd1211?

Well, try it ;-). The latest zd1211.ath.cx driver revision is 71 though. There have been reports stating the ZyDAS driver (revision 71 is based on) works better with zd1211b devices than previous versions. I don't know what version the Debian driver is based on. The last time I heard of it it was quite old. I'd recomment to just try the newest drivers of zd1211.ath.cx.


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