Am Mittwoch, 12. April 2006 15:16 schrieb Mayne:
> [...]

> The latest driver revision is 71 though.

Well, this is marked “testing”.  Does this mean that it's expected to be less 
stable than 69?

> There have been reports stating the ZyDAS driver (revision 71 is
> based on) works better with zd1211b devices than previous versions.

I'll probably give it a try.

> I don't know what version the Debian driver is based on. The last time I
> heard of it it was quite old.

Well, it might depend on which Debian “distribution” you refer to.  stable 
doesn't have a zd1211-source package and this situation won't change until 
the next release which won't happen before the end of this year.  I don't 
know whether stable provides the zd1211 source under some other package name.  
testing and unstable both contain revision 67 currently but this might change 
during the next time.  If you want to know the current state, you can have a 
look at

> I'd recomment to just try the newest drivers of

Okay.  However, in principal it's better to have the driver nicely packaged 
for your favorite Linux distribution (i.e., Debian ;-) ).

Best wishes,

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