> Can anybody please guide me, step by step, what should I do
> to set up such a connection?
> (I am a quite a noobie in this.)
> Should I first run "ifconfig wlan0 up"?
> Should I set an IP by ifconfig wlan0 myIPAddress?
> Should I use iwpriv wlan0 connect?
> BTW,I am aware of the following thread from this list reagrding AdHoc
> (from 13/10/2005)
> but it did not help me much:
> http://www.nabble.com/AdHoc-problem-%28bug-%29-t405144.html
> Regards,
> Ian B.
I haven't used ad-hoc for a long time so I can't say that this procedure 
worked for me recently, but it did in the past, still I hope it's useful.
(I only used wireless-tools like this, so open/shared network, with/without 
WEP configured through iwconfig)

- make sure both interfaces are down.
- configure one interface using iwconfig.
- bring up the interface. (I'm not sure if it needs to have an IP address at 
this point, that's something to try out)
Possibly the ifconfig/iwconfig steps need to be swapped.
- as described in the nabble post, the adapter will first try to find an 
existing ad-hoc network. If it finds one it should be displayed in iwconfig.
If the adapter can't find a suitable ad-hoc network, it should set one up by 
- After some time iwconfig should show an ad-hoc network. (either the one it 
found, to which it should now be connected, or the one it created, to which 
others should now be able to connect) As long as iwconfig shows 
00:00:00:00:00:00 you're not connected and your adapter didn't create an 
ad-hoc network either.

When iwconfig shows someting other than 00:00:00:00:00:00 you can bring up the 
second adapter, it should find the network set up by the first.

I'm not sure how long it takes to find / set up a network, but don't count in 
seconds. On the other hand, ten minutes would be rather long.

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