I just want to  tell you my  observations of the current zd1211 driver if it can be useful. (Sorry I am french and my english is far from perfection so please forgive my mistakes ^^)
I have added the driver to the openwrt SDK to use it on a netgear wgt634u router (version r74).
The client mode is working fine with or without WEP key. We have added a big monodirectionnal antenna on it and the power supplied by the key is far enough to connect to an access point a 300 meters. We will soon try it for a 10 kilometers long connection ( critical test :p).
Ad-hoc mode is working too and works fine with OLSR ( mesh wifi protocol ).

The AP mode doesn't seem to really work.  The power from the antenna seems to by really weak ( I had to put the antenna at 10 cm from my computer to connect... not sure it is a power problem but seems to be ). Also the connection was working for 6 or 7 pings and after no way to reconnect. I finally found that if I give it again which channel to use, the connection is coming back. So with a little script setting the channel every 4 or 5 seconds the connection was working (very weird...).
So maybe it was just a configuration problem but I finally decided to put the main antenna of the router in master mode and the zd1211 in client, and it's working perfectly.

So thank you very much for your work and I hope those observations will be useful.

PS: if you want to see where we are doing that look at http://tibtec.org

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