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Absender: Stéphane Bisinger
Datum: 03.05.2006 23:37
> --- Daniel Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> But the problem is definitely just a disconnection
>> (no kernel crash or 
>> anything like that?)
> The kernel does not crash, I get a USB disconnect
> event, followed by failed_reg_urb and the only thing I
> can do to get my usb running again is to reboot...
> Stéphane
Helo, I had the same problem. After some time device hangs and lots of
messages in syslog appear very fast: failed_reg_urb ... You could only
restart the machine.
Therefore the zd1211 driver is unusable for serious work. But I found
solution for that. I have removed the ehci_hcid USB 2.0 module and the
problem disappeared. So it must be some interaction between this module
and zd1211. Someone should solve this bug because obviously running
without USB 2.0 is not a perfect solution.
I am using debian unstable, kernel 2.6.16.


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